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Azure Service Health

Third-party Status

Below is a list of additional sites that you may use in conjunction with MoveMan.  These are third-party sites so you will be directed from our site and we take no responsibility for content or availability, and do not support or endorse these.

Azure Global Dashboard 

Google Workspace Status (including GMail)

Xero Status Page

QuickBooks Status Page

Sage Status Page


We provide support for users of the MoveMan Pro system with up to date support contracts between the hours on 9:00am until 5:00pm Monday to Friday excluding English public holidays.

To log a support call please use either the following methods.  A support ticket will then be generated and emailed to you.

Support Telephone:
0203 787 4171‬

Support E-mail:

Remote Support

To connect to support please call us on the number above and then the support technician will provide you with an access code which can be entered on the page below.

Click here to open the support link page

Note: Connectwise is a 3rd party remote assistance product which is currently used to provide remote support to MoveMan customers. 

We use this tool to enable us to share control of your computer without the need to install software and no permanent software is installed.  It requires your permission to enable us to remote control your device and you can terminate control at any point of your choosing.  MoveMan support staff can only access your device with your explicit permission and that permission must be granted each time you request support.  We do not endorse or support Connectwise.