MoveMan Connect


Be open for business
24 hours a day


Clients access the
information they need


Agree contracts without
delay or hassle

Online Quote Acceptances

MoveMan Connect allows your customers to accept quotes on-line quickly and easily from any device.  The process starts when a quote is emailed to them, and from there the customers can easily accept and all the hard work is done for you.  Upon accepting all the data is automatically updated saving you time on admin and chasing the customer for completed forms.  Its easy step-by-step structure makes it quick for the customer to accept at any time of the day or night.

Options and mandatory data can all be customised to your requirements allowing you to control what they enter and accept.  Once the acceptance has taken place an email is sent to you and the customer with all the details avoiding any issues later on regarding the services they accepted.

Customer Portal

Once a job is booked, the customer can use to portal to access details about their existing quotes, jobs and invoices as well as view details on surveys, storage and their account.

Each feature is accessible from a button on the homepage whereby all exiting quotes and invoices can be seen eliminating questions over what was on each document.  Each is navigated through easily on any device putting the customer in control to help avoid unnecessary calls.

All of these options are customisable through the admin panel giving you the flexibility to configure what you want your customers to see when logging in.  With CSS design options and image upload options, you can setup your branding on the portal to keep a consistent online brand.

Appointment booking

You can now book an appointment directly through the portal so that a customer can make an appointment for survey.  Aimed at video surveys this will create the appointment in the diary for you.  Add a link to your existing website and the customer will be directed to a page to enter their details in and book a virtual appointment.  This will then appear in MoveMan on the appointment diary with all the client details created for you.

You have the ability to control which time slots are available for am/pm or both and MoveMan will work out if you have no surveyors left available.

Online Self-Surveys

MoveMan Connect has been updated to include two new options for capturing self surveys.  Existing clients can be sent a link to enter the details of the property or new clients can use a link directly from your website to enter their address details in followed by the survey.  Both these will be entered directly into MoveMan capturing the data and calculating the total volume.

MoveMan Connect is a mobile friendly web portal for your clients that fully integrates with MoveMan. This simple to use portal enhances communication with your clients whilst reducing staff workload. MoveMan Connect allows you to quickly close business and improve the booking process.

Quick guide to its features 

•   get your client to do the work for you.
 •   accept quotes on-line 24 hours a day.
 •   reduce paperwork to save time and money.
 •   allow the client to access their move details whenever they need.
 •   give corporate clients an overview of their moves.
 •   integrate on-line payment on the acceptance of quotation.
 •   incorporate logos and images, keeping your businesses individuality.